Acute and Chronic Wound Care

TAICEND Wound Patch(Sterile)

TAICEND wound patch are soft, comfortable, water-retaining, hypoallergenic, non-stick wounds, etc., so they can effectively maintain the wound moist, reduce wound pain, wear wounds, avoid wounds, and will not be removed When the wound is wounded twice, it helps the wound to repair.
Specification Size Packing unit
10X10 cm 5 pcs / Set
15X15 cm 5 pcs / Set

Product Feature

  • Protection

Protect wounds and block bacteria and dirt.

  • After absorption, the material is not rotten

The special process material design can absorb the exudate without being soft and rotten and maintain the stiffness of the dressing.

  • Hypoallergenic

It is made of hypoallergenic materials, and it will not cause skin allergies, redness and swelling after being attached for a long time. It is very comfortable.

  • Less adhesion

After tearing off, it won’t be overly sticky, causing secondary injury to the wound.

Intended Use

Any superficial injury (Ex. Scrape, superficial cutting which no need to stitch up the wound, first/second-grade burns and vesicle) which could help skin to be repaired. Any scab and necrotic tissue.


1. Wash hands and clean the wound with normal saline solution.
2. Dry the wound and surrounding skin thoroughly with sterilized gauze.
3. Take a suitable size of wound patch that can cover the wound over 1~2cm. Remove the release paper and cover the wound from the middle to avoid contacting the wound contact layer surface.
4. Press the edges of wound patch gently to ensure the skin and patch are sealed.
5. When removing the patch, use a saline solution to wet the edges of patch and remove the patch by bits.

1. This product is for external use only. Please read the product manual before use.
2. Can use the patch with gel. Applying some gel on scab and necrotic tissue and then paste the patch. Replace it daily.
3. This product is disposable and do not reuse it.
4. If the patch is damaged, peeled off or contaminated, please replace the patch immediately.
5. If the patient has the problem of more exudate and infection, please seek medicaladvice.
6. The product is sterilized. Do not use if package is damaged or opened prior to use.
7. If swallowed inadvertently, it may cause obstruction of the digestive tract and need to be treated immediately.
8. If the skin is red, hot, swollen, painful, allergic or uncomfortable when using this product, stop using it immediately and seek medical advice.
9. The edge of the product may be curling caused by friction..
10. This product must be stored in a cool dry place, avoid sunlight.