Acute and Chronic Wound Care

TAICEND Wound Gel (Sterile)

TAICEND wound gel is a clear, viscous, sterile, amorphous dressing. This product is suitable for medium and low osmotic liquid wounds. It can be applied to cover various shapes of wounds, provide and maintain a moist environment of wounds and protect new tissues. The product has high water content, help the black mites to be naturally removed, and maintain the moisturizing of new tissue. It can isolate the outside bacteria and directly contact the wound to help repair the wound.
Specification Capacity
10 ml

Product Indtroduction

  • Keep it moist

Add HA to keep the wound properly moist, and promote wound healing.

  • Helps epidermis recover

Help wound epithelialization, fast healing, and provide a good healing environment.

Product Indication

Use in any superficial wounds (scratches, burns, blisters) and low to moderate exudate wounds, chronic wounds (open ulcers, pressure sores, etc.).


1. Please wash your hands and clean the wound with saline. Leave the wound and surrounding skin dry or dry with gauze.

2. Apply a proper amount of wound gel to the wound.

3. Cover the wound with a suitable auxiliary dressing as a second layer of dressing.

1. This product is for external use only, please read the product manual before use.

2. This product is aseptic packaging. If the packaging is damaged before unpacking, do not use it.

3. When using this gel, if the wound has persistent inflammation, redness, heat, pain or discomfort, stop using it immediately and seek medical advice.

4. When replacing the gel, first remove the second layer of dressing. If there is stickiness, first wet the dressing with physiological saline and remove it. After cleaning the wound, apply the gel.

5. After the product is opened, use it as soon as possible. If it cannot be used once, the cap should be tightly closed after use, and please use it within 5 days after opening.

6. Avoid sunlight, store at room temperature, and keep dry.

7. Not suitable for severe burns, irreplaceable surgical sutures, no added drugs or biological agents or materials of animal origin.