Postoperative Care

TAICEND Scar Care Dressing(Non-Sterile)


This product is colloidal dressing, the use of medical grade polyurethane materials and with exclusive patented technology, especially for scar prevention and care developed by the product. This product can provide scar and its surrounding skin moderate moisturizing ability, and to achieve the effect of softening scars, and in the role of moderate viscosity, slow down from the scar and the surrounding skin movement to bear the tension, so that the scar is not due to external pull , Resulting in the phenomenon of expansion and bulging, and other soft clothing low sensitivity characteristics, can effectively reduce the discomfort when used continuously, thus achieving the prevention of scar generation, softening scars and rubbing the effect of scars.
Specification Foam Flim Packing unit
2X2 cm 4X4 cm 5 pcs / Set
3X3 cm 5X5 cm 5 pcs / Set
3X8 cm 6X12 cm 5 pcs / Set
3X12 cm 6X16 cm 5 pcs / Set
3X17 cm 6X21 cm 5 pcs / Set
3.5X20 cm 8X25 cm 5 pcs / Set


Product Introduction

This product has two different styles, according to the needs of the affected area to choose different styles, respectively, TAICEND scar patch – basic models, TAICEND scar patch – waterproof section, which waterproof additional polyurethane film to provide waterproof, breathable function. This product is recommended for at least 4 to 6 months of continuous use, or to the effect is satisfactory to make use.

Product Structure


  1. Select the appropriate product according to the size of the wound (the Foam size should be larger than 1 cm around the wound).
  2. Trim any excess hair to ensure proper adhesion and improve comfort.
  3. Cleanse the wound in accordance with normal procedures.
  4. Dry the surrounding skin thoroughly.

How do I apply the wound dressing correctly?

How do I remove the wound dressing correctly?


  1. This product is for external use only. Please read the product manual before use.
  2. The product is sterilized. Do not use if inner package is damaged or opened prior to use.
  3. Intended for one time use per person. Do not reuse. Reuse may spread contamination, and increase risk of infection.
  4. If the dressing is damaged, peeled or contaminated, please change the dressing immediately.
  5. If the patient has a weakened immune system, diabetes, or a wound infection, change the dressing frequently.
  6. When using TAICEND Surgical Hydrogel Patch, it is ok to take a bath, but the edges of the dressing need to be pressed and tightly attached to the skin to prevent water penetration and moisture permeability.
  7. If swallowed inadvertently, it may cause obstruction of the digestive tract and need to be treated immediately.
  8. If the wound is red, hot, swollen, painful, allergic or uncomfortable when using this dressing, stop using it immediately and seek medical advice.
  9. This product must be stored in a cool dry place, avoid sunlight.
  10. When the edge of the product is not sticky due to friction or curling, it is normal.