Brand vision

Your Expert Partner in Wound Caring Solution

The original intention

Established in 2014, TAICEND upholds to meeting the ever present needs of humanity. We uphold our original vision of producing wound care products to better the lives of every human. In the process, in addition to choosing the best people, we bring together professionals with diverse backgrounds and talents, our research & development teams, medical personnel, and members from the academic community, and integrate patient needs to tailor to the most suitable products.

To go from excellence to exceptional requires the value of teamwork

In the current age of globalization and creativity, Taicend brings the best people together and creates a space for them to develop in order to foster the value of exceptional teamwork.

Company vision and core values

Vision : Your Expert Partner in Wound Caring Solution

Values : Integrity, innovation, share

Mission : To provide professional product and services


Brand story

TAICEND is to build their own brand, founder of choice “TAICEND” as the company’s brand.

“TAI” is taken from Tai Chi, hope that the company has a positive upright, soft in the spirit; “CEND” is taken from the Ascending, on behalf of the company with a solid professional and innovative ability, continuous improvement of enthusiasm.