TAICEND Surgical Hydrogel Patch(Sterile)

This product is developed by the exclusive patented technology, the use of medical grade polyurethane material prepared, colloidal dressing with soft and comfortable, good water retention, low sensitization, non-sticky wound … and other characteristics, and can provide moderate self-adhesive force and tension Role, it can effectively maintain the wound moist, promote wound healing, reduce scar hyperproliferation.
DOH Medical Device Manufaturing No.006711
高市衛醫器廣字 第10509001號

Product features

Postoperative care is very important for patients. Tai Sheng surgery dressing can effectively isolate bacteria, enhance the protective force, but also reduce the scar generation. Through the protection of the wound so that the wound isolation bacteria, as well as effective anti-tension and resilience can reduce the postoperative scar generation, while in the tear can be gently stripped to avoid the wound caused by secondary damage.

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Suitable for use

Applicable to all kinds of medical beauty or general surgery and other low bleach out of the wound care and scar care.


  1. Choose the appropriate size according to the size of the wound (the inner dressing section is greater than 1 cm around the wound.)
  2. Depending on the situation first pruning excess hair, you can increase the paste effect and comfort.
  3. Before using the dressing, clean the wound with physiological saline.
  4. To be wound parts and the surrounding skin clean and dry, and then paste the product.
  5. Remove the dressing from the aseptic bag, remove the sticky face off the paper, reduce the finger contact with the inner dressing and adhesive, the inner dressing part of the wound paste.
  6. Remove the upper release paper, light pressure transparent polyurethane film around the middle and the middle part of the colloid to ensure that can be close with the skin to strengthen its fixed effect.
  7. When the removal, the direction of hair, hand gently press the dressing, single-handedly straight out straight extension, so that dressing and skin surface separation, continued this way, while pressing the edge, you can slowly remove the dressing, if not easy To remove the phenomenon, use physiological saline to wet the edge of the product and slowly tear the dressings.