TAICEND Anti-Adhesion Superabsorbent Wound Dressing (Sterile)

TAICEND Anti-Adhesion Superabsorbent Wound Dessing is made of polyurethane, and the outer layer is waterproof PU film, which protects the wound from external pollution and evaporates the moisture of the exudate absorbed by the dressing. The wound contact layer is PU foam, which absorbs the wound exudate and provides a moist environment to help the wound heal.

衛部醫器製壹字 第006663號
高市衛醫器廣字 第10611004號


– Maintain a humid environment

– comfortable and breathable and low sensitivity

-Used in all kinds of medical beauty. Surgical operation. After delivery, general trauma, cut.

– initial pressure sore

– mild exudate wounds


1. After thoroughly cleaning the wound before using the dressing, dry the wound and surrounding skin.
2. Remove the dressing from the aseptic package and remove the release paper to avoid contact with the “wound contact layer” surface.
3. Align the product with the wound and cover it. The size of the contact layer should be 0.5~2 cm larger than the wound.
4. For ease of use, this product can be cut according to the size and shape of the wound.
5. Use a gas permeable tape to secure the area around to ensure that the dressing is securely positioned and free of leaks.
6. When removing the dressing, use a saline solution to wet the dressing as appropriate to reduce the discomfort that may occur when removing.


1. This product has been sterilized. Please check the packaging before use. If it is damaged, do not use it.
2. This product is for one-time use and should not be reused.
3. If you want to use it for infectious wounds, please consult a medical professional.
4. When using this product, if the wound has persistent inflammation or redness, it should be suspended. Consult a health care professional.
5. This product is for external use only.
6. Avoid sunlight, store at room temperature, and keep dry.
7. If the dressing is contaminated or damaged, peeled off or the exudate seeps on the surface of the dressing, replace the dressing immediately.